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Yellowdot Edition

Yellowdot Edition

Based on Chinese decorative lattice design & classical furniture forms, Yellowdot developed a new technique with additive manufacturing that combines developing technology and traditional culture forward. Lattice+ is a collection of lightweight furniture & lighting collection created using a complex 3D latticing design inherent only possible with additive manufacturing technology.

Decorative design is balanced with structural integrity to push the limits of materiality. Layer by layer, the lattice structure is printed in industrial-sized machines that utilize a minimal amount of material to create a rigid structure while avoiding the laborious process required to put it together by hand and complex tooling.

The project was originally developed for the exhibition 'Hakkanese Contemporary'; a set of tables with eight stools was created using the latticing technique was exhibited.

Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan (Yellowdot), 2022

3d-printed PLA blend

Stool+: 27W x 27L x 47H cm
High Stool+: 27W x 27L x 88H cm
Table+: 88W x 88L x 78H cm

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