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Hatch Eggshell Pendant

Hatch Eggshell Pendant


Yellowdot Edition

Yellowdot Edition

'Hatch' is a ceiling pendant created from eggshell waste which is produced every day in large amounts from egg consumption worldwide. Known as 'nature's ceramic,' eggshells are fragile & strong with a unique light permeability. Each lighting pendant is created from around 60 eggshells collected from homes and local bakeries, then delicately arranged by hand & bonded to create the light diffuser. Inspired by heat lamps used for incubating chicks, the pendant is recreated with an energy-efficient LED light source & housed in a hand-turned polished brass casing. The semi-translucent eggshells are suspended by three fine cables, which provide a unique light-scattering effect when illuminated.

Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan (Yellowdot), 2021

Eggshell, Resin, Polished brass

65 cm diameter, 100 cm high
Mounting: Ceiling Pendant
7W LED GU-10 wide angle bulb

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