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Yellowdot was founded by the designers Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan, the Hong Kong-based studio is celebrated for its marriage of culture, technology, science, arts and crafts.


Through a collaborative spirit, embodying a playful yet exploratory approach combined with a sustainable and people-driven ethos, their work has resulted in an audacious, influential and culturally-relevant portfolio that encompasses products, interior design, exhibition design and furniture – taking in collaborations with a diverse client base and across industries and categories, from mass-produced electronics, home appliances, lighting, technology, fashion to handcrafted objects and furniture, often bringing their understanding of one process to their work on another.


Bodin is an ex-NASA engineer who trained at Rice University in Houston before entering the field of industrial design in Milan where designed for an electronics manufacturer upon graduation. In Italy, he was awarded the prestigious International Compasso d’oro as a young talent for his innovative cookware design. He is experienced in product design and the product development cycle. His passion is combining technology with solution driven approaches to create exciting, future-oriented ideas and experiences. 


Dilara grew up in Turkey and studied at the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, founded on the manifesto of Bauhaus.  Dilara’s practice is rooted in her astute eye for visual culture and appreciation of the crafts; and Bodin’s in industrial precision, combined with the sensibility of a maker’s hand and deep understanding of materials and technology. Together they strive to create work that transcends rational and functional qualities, to imbue a sense of true inner beauty with a delightful element of surprise in their projects. 


Since their meeting at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, their ability to combine their diverse backgrounds and skills has enabled Yellowdot to work coherently across multiple disciplines and develop its own distinctive expression and to translate meticulous and fantastical design ideas to the context of production.

Industrial/Product Design

We provide strategy and innovation focus product design, creating culturally relevant sustainable insights and ideas that could be turned into manufacturable products. 


We take ideas and inspirations from different fields, combining culture, technology, science, arts and crafts to create new ways of using things, new functions and new ways to delight people, along the way creating many patented ideas for our clients. 


Through our award-winning track record and technology focus experience, we work with clients from a wide range of industries from mass-produced electronics, home appliances, lighting, technology, fashion to handcrafted crafts and furniture.

Retail Experiences

We provide creative direction focused on storytelling in the area of brand, visual merchandising and exhibition design to make our brand partners more attractive and memorable.


Through our strategic approach to retail, we combine cultural trends and insights with design to create maximum impact. Whether it is through high tech interactive displays or just through simple surprising elements, we make our collaborations stand out from the crowd through design so that our client’s stories and visions can be communicated and remembered.


We work with clients in jewelry, home appliances, electronics, food & beverages, and fashion accessories sector to make our collaborators stand out in competitive and fast-moving environments. 



Yellowdot Design and founders Bodin and Dilara are internationally recognised for their designs around the world. They have received recognition from the biggest and most prestigious awards coming from Europe for their design concepts and innovative products.




iF Product Design 'Olivio & Co Kids Anit-bluelight screen glasses'

Winner | Product Design | Yellowdot

ADC Cube Award ‘Olivio & Co Eco Packaging’

Winner | Packaging Design | Yellowdot + Waytura


iF Design Award  'Olivio & Co Sunglasses Eco-Packaging'

iF Design Award ‘Olivio & Co Kids Sunglasses’

iF Design Award ‘Olivio & Co Junior Sunglasses’

Winner | Product Design | Yellowdot

Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award

Winner Special Mention Award | Bodin

Soho House Design Prize 'Hatch'

10 Finalist | Bodin/Yellowdot




Red Dot Award - ‘Olivio & Co Sunglasses Sustainable Packaging

Winner | Brands & Communications | Yellowdot




40 Under 40 Perspective Magazine (Hong Kong)

Winner | Product Design | Yellowdot



 'jumpthegap' International Bathroom Competition organised by Roca/BCD Barcelona Center of Design (Spain)
Professional Finalist 'Sanctuary'| Bodin + Dilara


Mobile Recycling Collection Point Competition by Environmental Protection Department & Metroradio - (Hong Kong)

Professional Finalist | Bodin + Dilara



ADI Compasso d’oro International by ADI Association for Industrial Design (Italy)
Targa Giovani Winner 'Solari' | Bodin


ADI Design Index by ADI Association for Industrial Design (Italy)

Selection Targa Giovani ‘Solari’ | Bodin


iF International Forum Design (Germany)
Student Design Award Winner ‘Solari’ | Bodin



James Dyson Award

National Winner (Italy - national) ‘Solari’ | Bodin


Selected Exhibitions

Yellowdot designs have been selected for museums, collectives and exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Bodin & Dilara is sharing their design vision around the globe. 



Wanted Design Manhattan - LaunchPad | New York



Dubai Design Week Light Shelters by IED alumni | Dubai

Stockholm Design Week Greenhouse Young Designer | online


Ambiente Talents | Frankfurt


Porto Design Biennale - Abitare Italia | Porto

Salone del Mobile - Salone Satellites | Milan

Paris Design Week - Le Off Talents | Paris

Project HK-UK - Design Inspire | Hong Kong

Co-Creating Hong Kong - HKDC Design Exchange | Los Angeles


Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden - Shine on Me: The Sun and Us | Dresden

Design Inspire - Designers without Boundaries | Hong Kong



Design Inspire - Designers without Boundaries | Hong Kong



BASE Milan Nomade - Milan Design Week | Milan

Global Graduate Show - Dubai Design Week | Dubai

XX1T Milano 21° International Triennale – Design After Design - Under 35 selection | Milan

Salone Satellite - Association of Industrial Design (ADI) Milan Design Week | Milan

Le vie de Compasso d’oro - Association of Industrial Design (ADI) | Milan



Design for Food - The Taste of Change - Belgium Biennale - Project selection ‘Solari’ 

Dutch Design Week - Klokgebouw | Eindhoven

Ambiente Talents | Frankfurt

Milan EXPO Gate - Un Designer per le Imprese | Milan

Milan EXPO - Solar energy and solar cooking ‘Solari’ | Milan