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'Patisserie Collection'

‘Patisserie’ is a contemporary collection of ceramic tiles & objects designed by Studio Yellowdot celebrating the ingredients and the ceramics production process: from clay mixing, forming, firing to the final glazing - unlocking the beauty and magic of each step to create a delightful collection that features handmade three-dimensional tiles, as well as bespoke stools, tables, lighting, vases, and art mural.

Yellowdot x Gorbon Ceramics

Upon invitation to visit the Gorbon Ceramic workshop in Istanbul, the designer duo was mesmerized by the production process and endless selection of colorful samples, which instantly reminded them of a pastry kitchen. Working closely with the dedicated team of artisans and craftsmen, they took inspiration from the colorful world of pastries to experiment with ceramics. Resulting in a variety of new forming techniques, unique handmade textures, and playful shapes such as donuts, biscuits, and eclairs in soft & inviting pastel tones to create a collection of bespoke ceramics with the irresistible allure of pastries.

‘Patisserie’ tableware & objects collection effortlessly marries luxury and playfulness. Inspired by the delicious details of pastries and biscuits, the collection features hand-finished ceramics decorated with gold accents, adding a fun, colorful, and luxurious touch promising to transform the dining table into showcases of contemporary elegance and timeless sophistication. The collection offers a range of new items, including a cake tray, espresso set, candle holders, candles, vases, and portable table lamps; each ceramic piece is meticulously hand-finished.

Tiles Collection

Handcrafted tiles, available for bespoke. Please consult the brochure and the Gorbon Ceramics team for more possibilities.

Ceramic Art Objects

Limited Editions

Art object 'eclairs' decorated by Yellowdot

Ceramic Icing


Gorbon Ceramics (Turkiye)




Relief Tiles (Biscotto, Biscotto Edge, Eclair, Puff, U Horn, Donut), Stool, Table, Vase, Tableware (Cake Tray, Espresso Cup, Vase, Candle, Candle Holders), Table Lamp. Wireless Rechargeable Lamp


Industrial/Product Design, Booth Design, Visual Design, Packaging Design, Art Direction




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