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Yellowdot Edition

Yellowdot Edition

‘Ova’ is a cabinet collection inspired by the vivid colours and striking patterns found in nature. Each cabinet
was created to celebrate life through vitality, fertility, and creativity.
One of three cabinets in the collection, the ‘Ova Pink’ is inspired by the bright pink egg clusters of the apple
snail found in the most unlikely places in nature.
Five hundred sixty hand-sewn balls were created with a unique hand-woven fabric called 'Kutnu' from my
hometown of Gaziantep in Turkey. They are then carefully upholstered to completely cover the walls of the
steam-bended cylindrical cabinet. A secret compartment in contrasting oak wood awaits inside when

Each of the soft balls is unique and imperfect but arranged repetitively to help tie a piece together by
bridging disparate elements to create a sense of unity. During the limited travel during the pandemic, I rediscovered my culture by working with local craftsmen &
artisans within Turkey to bring traditional textiles and materials into contemporary design.
'Kutnu' - a semi-silk fabric woven from plant silk warps and cotton wefts was of particular interest to me, as
it is known for its striking color and designs. Produced since the 16th century, each batch of woven fabric is
unique and is still made today with the same weaving and natural dyeing techniques that were once used to
make royal fabrics used for Ottoman palace furnishings and gowns.

Dilara Kan Hon

Kutnu (semi-silk hand-woven fabric), wood

45 dia x 175 H cm (60 dia base)

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