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Yellowdot Edition

Yellowdot Edition

‘Millstone’ is a collection of sculptural side tables inspired by the neolithic age, where the stone was part of daily societal lives - used as essential tools and decorations. The tables feature a stationary base with a rotating top. Ranging from 8 to 12 sides, the light-reflecting polished surface and the geometric shape create an exciting contrast to the heavy, organic look of the marble texture. When gently pushed, the heavy sedentary mass can be effortlessly moved by hand in contrast to the heavy and massive grinding stones used by neolithic humans. As the tabletop is in motion, the unique patterns of each surface are bought to life.

Colored exotic stones were selected and sourced locally in Turkey - a country with 40% of the world’s marble stone reserve, with a rich history of marble quarries dating back to as far as 4000 years used by the Greek civilization, Roman and the Ottoman Empires. With modern CNC cutting machinery, the flat stone sheets are cut at precise angles, assembled, and finished by stone artisans to create the polygonal sculptural form.

Designed by Yellowdot, the Millstone collection celebrates the natural, elegant beauty of marble. Every piece is unique and can be used as a dramatic stand-alone sculpture or as a group of coffee tables, end tables, or side tables.

Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan (Yellowdot), 2022

Marble: Afyon Viola, Elazig Cherry, Burdur Rose, Sunshine Gold.

Small: 34dia x 52/70H cm
Medium: 46/61dia x 52H cm
Large: 59/74dia x 34H cm

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