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Portable solar cooker

Solari - Portable Solar Cooker

Industrial Design


‘What if you can enjoy cooking ‘en plein air’ without causing any pollution?’ Solari is a next generation fuel-free, pollution-free, portable solar cooker that can be used to cook anywhere there is sunlight offering an alternative possibility of cooking

Through using materials technology such as fresnel lens, heat transfer, insulation - food is directly heated up and kept warm inside the oven ‘slow-cooker’ style. A rotating pivot allows the cooker to be directed towards the path of the sun and also transform into a carry handle.
 From the initial concept, the design was further engineered and developed into working prototypes that can reach a cooking temperature of ~75°C via the startup effort Project Solari Co (USA).


James Dyson Italy region (Winner) 2014

iF Talents (Winner) 2015

ADI Design Index (Young Talent) 2015

Compasso d’oro International (Winner, Young Talent) 2015

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