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Salone Satellite 2019

Salone Satellite

Exhibition Design


For Salone del Mobile, Yellowdot was invited as one of the studios from around the world to participate for the first time in Milan at Rho Fiera, the 22nd edition of SaloneSatellite is underway: the design event dedicated to the under 35 group curated by Marva Griffin, which since 1997 has acted as a launching pad for emerging talent from all over the world. Yellowdot presented furniture and products from their ongoing exploration on memories and objects - 'Memento'. Why physical things matter in a digital world? Was the inspiration behind the collection ‘Memento’ - an exploration of new ways to treasure and share keepsakes and objects that evoke important memories and stories. 


Inspired by the mesmerising and ephemeral sight of soap bubbles, the collection brings joy and inspirations through everyday objects. The collection features a modular room divider which allows you to store and display objects as if they are ‘floating in air’. A ‘bubbling’ table dome light for keeping objects illuminated as well as a ‘treasures tray’ desktop tray organiser and ‘bubble capsule’ storage and display containers for smaller treasures and objects.

The collection was covered in press outlets from Italy, Mexico to Hong Kong.

Visual Design: Yuta Kurimoto

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