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Porto Design Biennale 2020 - Abitare Italia

At the 1st edition of the Porto Design Biennale, Italy will attend with a program full of exhibitions and side events including the exhibition “Abitare Italia. Icones so Design italiano” curated by Paolo Deganello and Maria Milano. 'Solari' was selected by the curation team to join the exhibition to share the story of Italian Design that is extremely relevant to the international design culture.

The exhibition explores the history of Italian design in the context of international design culture, namely through objects that were not mere expressions of a function or of a productive necessity, but above all that were the expression of a new idea of beauty, of a new aesthetic that also brought out the actual value of objects.


Palácio das Artes – Fundação da Juventude, Porto

Solari was exhibited among the many icons of Italian design from Vespa, Memphis, Alessi,

A path among the icons of the great Masters of Italian design. The story of technological inventions, production processes, socio-cultural changes, economic and political factors, intertwined in a story that has produced and still produces icons.

Photos: Porto Design Biennale

Graphics: Another Collective




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