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Hakkanese Contemporary exhibition - Virtual 3D Tour

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About Hakkanese Contemporary exhibition

Inspired by the rich Hakka culture retained in Huizhou, Hong Kong artist Ray Chan and design group Yellowdot Design Studio have reinterpreted Hakka culture and Hakka gastronomical habits through artistic creation. Chan has combined Hakka wine making and the firing of ceramics in a newly created collection of ceramic wine chicken and wine vessels named "Vin de Hakka". Chan also collaborated with up-and-coming ceramicist Silvester Mok to use three-dimensional printing techniques to make modern vats, which give Hakka wine-making a new look.

Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan of Yellowdot Design Studio have used three-dimensional printing, advanced computational geometry and mechanical techniques to remould the traditional Hakka "eight immortals table", creating an art piece named "Immortals Table +". The work consists of a square table and eight stools. Through technical innovation, the artistic creation shows the preservation and advancement of traditional culture.

The artwork is a contemporary interpretation of the classical Chinese furniture - the Immortals Table (八仙桌) the square table which lies at the heart of domestic life of traditional Hakka households; redesigned taking cues from traditional Chinese lattice design and created using additive manufacturing innovations from the Greater Bay Region.

Traditionally the Immortals Table is the main furniture used by the Hakka people to eat, drink and chat, almost every Hakka household has a set made from hardwood in the main hall of many traditional and often finished in red lacquer symbolising auspiciousness. It consists of a square table of equal sizes, and benches or stools seating a total of 8 people with 2 on each side. Today, many Southern region where Hakka people immigrated is now known as the Greater Bay Area high-tech hub, where one of the contribution is the democratisation of 3D printing machines & technology.

Art >< Creativity" exhibition series

The "Art >< Creativity" exhibition series in the Greater Bay Area is presented by the LCSD, co-organised by the Art Promotion Office and the Hong Kong Designers Association, with Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre as the project partner. The second round of the "Art >< Creativity" exhibition series in the Greater Bay Area, featuring a total of five exhibitions, will be held in five cities in the Greater Bay Area, namely Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing. The works of 10 Hong Kong artists and designers or design groups will be showcased to further foster cultural exchanges among the cities in the area. The first exhibition, "Hakkanese Contemporary", is now on display until July 31 at the Wild Island Culture and Life Community in Huizhou. The exhibition is co-organised by the Art Promotion Office under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Designers Association.

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