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Jewelry visual merchandising

The Journey

Visual Merchandisiing Design | Window Design | Retail Furniture Design


Forever Couple offers unique couple’s rings through their professional ring consultants in a warm and welcoming retail environmental. Yellowdot was tasked with curating an experiential visual merchandising concept such that from the moment visitors enter the store, they are brought to another world. 


Visual merchandising and furniture were designed with the theme of a ‘train station’ to immerse couples in an engaging and romantic experience during their tailor-made wedding band process. A memorable & unique retail experience for the brand to differentiate the brand from mainstream jewellers as well as highlighting their unique offerings and process. The main display was inspired by landscape and bridges featuring a running train, while ten sets of unique rings are housed in bespoke display boxes and decorated with unique elements relating to ten couple’s stories such as the ferris wheel, camping. The rings are displayed on top of hand-crafted columns so that the pair of rings appear to be interconnected in mid-air. Each step of the ring customisation process such as sizing, shape, material and finishing, diamonds settings and laser engraving is represented through the bespoke train carriages.

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