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Cabinet design

Cabinet of Joy

Furniture Design


A collaborative project under the Project HK-UK organised by the HKF&DA , the cabinet was created under the brief of a ‘jewellery box’ for contemporary living. One of three in the ‘Time trilogy’ collection, the ‘Cabinet of Joy’ is for ‘ jewellery’ from the past - where as anything precious that one collects; keepsakes from the childhood. 


The design of the cabinet is inspired by the classical ‘musical jewellery box’ from childhood, which brings about a moment of joy when opened up with a rotating dancer. The structured form within is organised to store different objects which could be displayed or hidden, creating the feel of a ‘mini museum’ of objects that one can enjoy alone or share with others easily. Influenced by the  bold colours and geometric forms of post-modernism (Memphis, Bauhaus, Luis Barragan) as well as the psychology of lighting (James Turrell) the cabinet aims to generate positive emotional response.

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