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Future bathroom design

Sanctuary - Future Bath Concept

Innovation & Concept Design


‘Sanctuary’ is a multi-sensorial system for the shower, conceived with the changing lifestyle and demanding environmental needs of the future in mind. Through an immersive multi-sensorial experience, ‘Sanctuary’ brings the relaxing atmosphere of bathing in the wilderness to everyone’s bathroom in the future. The system consists of a showerhead integrated with projectors and a wall control panel.


The system utilizes the latest advances in projector and sensor technology to provide an escape and fully immerse the user in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation all within the shower space. The immersive mood is created with illumination as well as fun and thought-provoking animations, while music and aroma fills the environment to create different moods during the shower.


The projector and sensors creates an interactive user interface, so that the entire wall and floor becomes a ‘touch screen’. Accessibility is improved as the control is projected according to the user’s height and preferences. The sensors detect movement so that water and multimedia settings are motion-activated. Additionally, the sensor detects any falls or accidents, adding an extra layer of safety for people in solo living situations to immediate alert for assistance. With an integrated flow sensor, the exact amount of water consumed is measured by the system and an animation of the water usage is displayed to the user in real-time when too much water is used, the surrounding mood also changes prompting the user to finish the session quickly.

The project was the professional finalist of the seventh edition of the international design competition jumpthegap, organised by Roca together with BCD Barcelona Design Centre.


7th jumpthegap Roca International Design Contest - Professional Finalist 


Next Bath Experience - Barcelona Design Center 2017

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