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Hatch Eggshell Cabinet

Hatch Eggshell Cabinet


Yellowdot Edition

Yellowdot Edition

'Hatch' is a furniture & lighting collection created from eggshells collected from everyday food waste. During the stay at home during the pandemic, Yellowdot was inspired to create from the materials readily available from home - one of which was eggshells that were collected daily.

Eggshell waste is collected from local homes & bakeries. They are cleaned & isolated from their organic membrane. Each egg is left with around 5 grams of eggshell (calcium carbonate crystals). The thin pieces are delicately split and arranged by hand & bonded with resin to create a unique patterned texture that provides a warm and unique light scattering effect.

The thin eggshell sheets are supported with polished brass structure crafted by local artisans; the furniture series includes a room divider, cabinet & coffee table. Designed & handcrafted to showcase eggshells in a contemporary way, each piece is tagged with the estimated number of eggs used; the collection uses a total of ~600 eggshells. By using the humble and symbolic eggshell as a material for contemporary designs that would otherwise end up in the landfill, we hope to bring a new perspective on everyday food waste.

Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan (Yellowdot), 2022

Eggshell, Resin, Polished brass

40W x 30D x 140H cm

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