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Soho House Design Prize 2021 - Shortlist

Yellowdot's project 'Hatch' was selected as one of the shortlisted project in the the inaugural Soho House Design Prize. We were very grateful to be paired up with our mentor: Seetal Solanki, founder and director of materials consultancy Ma-tt-er in London to further develop the idea for Soho House for final judging. Stay tuned for the final result!

Location: Istanbul

Project proposal: Hatch

Marrying culture, technology, science, art and craft, Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan of Istanbul-based studio, Yellowdot, create unique products and experiences that bring joy and an element of surprise to the everyday. Titled Hatch, this project is a collection of lighting and objects crafted from eggshells. Although considered by many as agricultural waste, Hatch aims to repurpose the eggshell by creating a series of tableware objects made from combining the material with brass. With more than 50,000 tonnes of eggshell per year being discarded in landfills, this project will open up new conversations about food waste.

Elsewhere, Hon would like to collaborate with a local Soho House chef to create an egg-based menu. Here, the guests will enjoy both the food, lighting and tableware that will be subtly incorporated into the dining room. This project aims to expand the dialogue around ‘farm to table’ even further, so that our food is not only health conscious, but environmentally conscious, too.



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