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RoCollectible 2024 - Milan Design Week

Updated: Apr 12

“Let’s Play!” Studio Yellowdot


For the second year running, Studio Yellowdot has the honor of presenting three of their latest playful and bold designs in the most prestigious gallery in Milan for RoCOLLECTIBLE 2024, dedicated to collectible design and presented during Milan Design Week in the city’s iconic Rossana Orlandi Gallery.

Bodin Hon & Dilara Kan Hon of Studio Yellowdot embarks on a journey to redefine traditional craftsmanship through a contemporary lens, infusing it with playful surprises and bold visual language. Their recent exploration focuses on three classical craft materials—ceramic, hardwood, and marble.

Each collection seamlessly blends material expression with daring color combinations and innovative forms. By pushing the boundaries of materials and techniques, Yellowdot creates a world of delight where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary flair, where play is highly encouraged.

Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Via Matteo Bandello 14 -16

April 15 – 21 | 9.30 - 20:00

April 17 Wed | 9:30 - 17:00

Press View:

April 16 Sun | 9:00 - 20:00

‘Patisserie Collection’ X Gorbon Ceramics

A delectable ceramic collection inspired by baked treats. Handcrafted relief tiles, tables, stools, and objects in playful shapes reminiscent of biscuits, donuts, and eclairs, all glazed in irresistible pastel and vibrant tones.

For Milan Design Week, the 'Biscotto' ceramic stool is glazed in a vibrant Raspberry Red exclusive for Rossana Orlandi gallery.

‘Checkered’ Hardwood Bench

A mesmerizing checkered-patterned bench crafted from two contrasting American hardwood species, accompanied by a handcrafted chess set for spontaneous games.

‘Millstone’ - Rotating Marble Tables

Sculptural coffee tables that can be rotated with the gentle push of the finger, unveiling the mesmerizing natural patterns of marble in motion. Serving as an inviting centerpiece for shared meals & conversations with effortless grace.

Press Kit:

Press Release:

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