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'Ova' at Tanween - Ithra Saudi Arabia 2023

Ova (Red edition) designed by Dilara Kan Hon will be exhibited in the 6th edition of Tanween at the 'Routes-Roots' exhibition curated by Isola Design. The theme of the exhibition is "Scale.” Scale in design isn't just about measuring and quantifying; it's a dynamic concept that spans from macro to micro, encompassing ratios, sizes and relationships among various elements.

Isola, in collaboration with Ithra, presents Routes to Roots, an exhibition that explores both how the physical size of an entity does not necessarily dictate its impact on our planet and the power of scale in the realm of design.

The showcase celebrates those who preserve our heritage and the Earth, inviting Tanween 2023 visitors to embrace the beauty of each piece displayed. By drawing inspiration from the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors and pairing it with cutting-edge craftsmanship, emerging talents from different parts of the world breathe fresh life into the design landscape, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

'Ova' is a cabinet collection inspired by the vivid colors and repetitive patterns of seeds and egg clusters found in nature. Three unique edition cabinets (pink, red, and orange) celebrate life through vitality, fertility, and creativity.

Each cabinet comprises hundreds of soft shapes handsewn by artisans with a hand-woven fabric called 'Kutnu' woven from Dilara's hometown of Gaziantep, Turkey. They are then carefully upholstered to completely cover the steam-bended cylindrical cabinet's walls. A secret compartment in contrasting maple plywood awaits inside when opened.

Each handsewn shape is unique and imperfect but arranged repetitively to help tie a piece together by bridging disparate elements to create a sense of unity.

Tanween 2023: 'Scale' by Ithra

Wednesday 01 November 2023

Saturday 04 November 2023

11.00 - 19.00

Dhahran | Saudi Arabia

8386 Ring Rd, Gharb Al Dhahran

Ithra, King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture is a multidimensional space for creative and cultural activities crafted to provide an enriching experience for local communities and visitors. Ithra is a creative centre founded in Saudi Arabia. Situated in the hot desert, the high-tech pebble composition emerges from its semi-arid landscape. Since opening in 2018, the centre has provided the local population and visitors unprecedentement access to a wide range of learining and cultural facilities open to vevryone to use.

One of the most important events in Ithra is Tanween, a design-related event that takes place every year in November. Ithra in this period became a global hub for young creative designers and their innovation practices. For Tanween 2023 Isola Design will co-curate an exhibition with designers from our Community, picking some of the best design projects from international talents.



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