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Product design process

Joyoung Soymilk Maker

Industrial Design | Design Strategy | Design Language


The name ‘Joyoung’ is synonymous with soy milk makers since the company started 25 years ago; they are one of the leading appliances makers in China they offers a full range of kitchen and lifestyle appliances all catering to the specific needs of the Chinese and Asian market. Yellowdot collaborated with Joyoung to develop a new industrial design language for their next generation of flagship soy milk maker and product range. 


As a new generation of consumers calls for more wellness solutions, we provided a new design strategy to revolutionise their traditional focused product lineup which was previously only popular among an older generation.


Over the course of 12 months and through a series of design workshops, we reimagined a number of existing Joyoung products as well as identify new archetypes starting with the flagship product the K automatic soy milk maker.


The work provided by Yellowdot forms a foundation for future products which the in-house design team at Joyoung continue to develop, the first of which is the Joyoung K61, Joyoung Kmini, Joyoung Ksolo and the series of high-end innovative kitchen appliances, propelling the company’s offering into immense popularity among the Chinese consumers. 

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