East West

Yellowdot Design is a design studio working across product design, furniture and space.

 We love turning ideas and brand visions into iconic products and spaces. Based in Hong Kong, we have worked on projects in a diverse range of industries including lifestyle appliances, homeware, visual merchandising.


Our process is very hands-on, allowing the team to quickly create solutions that can easily be touched and understood. Whether it is foam-cutting, 3D printing, laser cutting, UV printing we can find a way to 'hack' a prototype together. Never afraid to get our hands dirty, with our very own workshop and a stone's throw away from China, the factory of the world - we connect ideas and the know-how of the Greater Bay area into products and experiences. 

Industrial/Product Design

We provide strategy and innovation focus product design, creating culturally relevant sustainable insights and ideas that could be turned into manufacturable products. 


We take ideas and inspirations from different fields, combining culture, technology, science, arts and crafts to create new ways of using things, new functions and new ways to delight people, along the way creating many patented ideas for our clients. 


Through our award-winning track record and technology focus experience, we work with clients from a wide range of industries from mass-produced electronics, home appliances, lighting, technology, fashion to handcrafted crafts and furniture.

Retail Experiences

We provide creative direction focused on storytelling in the area of brand, visual merchandising and exhibition design to make our brand partners more attractive and memorable.


Through our strategic approach to retail, we combine cultural trends and insights with design to create maximum impact. Whether it is through high tech interactive displays or just through simple surprising elements, we make our collaborations stand out from the crowd through design so that our client’s stories and visions can be communicated and remembered.


We work with clients in jewelry, home appliances, electronics, food & beverages, and fashion accessories sector to make our collaborators stand out in competitive and fast-moving environments.