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Yellowdot project 'Sanctuary' exhibited in the Barcelona Design Center

The exhibition "Next Bath Experience", a show linked to the international design contest "Jumpthegap", will be inaugurated at Disseny Hub and can be visited until December 10. This exhibition is organized by Roca and the BCD Barcelona Design Center.

In "Next Bath Experience", a reflection on the bathroom of the future, you can discover different experiences and concepts of the future that include; a mutant bath, a metabolic bath, a hybrid bath, a biomorphic bath and a cocoon bath.

The exhibition is part of the 'Jumpthegap' awards, which take place on October 17 at the Design Hub. This year the contest will be different and special, as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of Roca (1917-2017).

You can more information about the exhibition 'Next Bath Experience' and the 'Jumpthegap' awards on its website.

Bodin + Dilara are featured as in the speakers and their project 'Sanctuary' is featured in holographic projection as part of the exhibition.



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